Travel Consultant

Kristian is the newest agent at Sunrise Travel. She's traveled to Italy and explores the U.S. west coast often. Greece, Morocco, Poland, Iceland, Egypt and Tahiti are on her must-visit list! Beautiful architecture, historical artifacts, friendly people and breathtaking views are why she yearns to travel and experience all this world has to offer. When she isn't helping others plan their travels, she runs long distance, loves on her yellow lab Ginny, spends time with her 5 month old niece and reads books for hours on end. One of her favorite memories is standing next to the Colosseum in Rome. She's eager to help others explore the world!


Travel Consultant

Danielle started with Sunrise Travel in June of 2010 and loves her work as a travel agent! She's cruised the Caribbean, traveled to Maui & Oahu, Canada, Italy (twice), Spain, Ireland, England, China & Costa Rica, as well as quite a few states within the U.S. She loves animals and tries to incorporate visiting sanctuaries or rescues wherever she goes. Aside from traveling, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, walking the beaches on the Oregon Coast, sporting events, musicals, hiking and photography. She specializes in Mexico, Hawaii and Western Europe, but can help you with any of your travel needs!


Travel Consultant

Jenny was thrilled to join Sunrise Travel in September of 2015. She is passionate about travel and is happy to share her enthusiasm with her clients! She has spent much of her adult life living and experiencing various parts of the U.S., some of which include, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Arizona. She has also traveled to Oahu, Mexico, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition to exploring the World, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to live music shows, playing sports and hiking. She specializes in the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico, but is happy to help with whatever travel requests come her way!


Travel Consultant

Shirley has loved being a travel agent since 1979. She's traveled to many parts of the world and enjoys helping others plan their travels! Some of the countries she's traveled to are Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico and most of Europe. Some recent favorite trips are European River Cruises, an African Safari in Tanzania, and the Fiji Islands. In her free time, she enjoys time with her husband, Mike, her family and her adorable dog, Sophie! She enjoys University of Oregon football games, concerts and trying new foods.


Travel Consultant

Elaine joined Sunrise Travel in August of 2000. She and her husband, Corey, honeymooned in Australia in 1994. She's also visited New Zealand, Cook Islands, England and all British Isles, Norway, France, Germany, Amsterdam, India, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and has been on several cruises with various ports. She plans to visit all 50 states by her 50th birthday. Her favorite cruise was on Disney Cruise line in 2017 and she is your go-to gal for anything Disney related. She's been to Disneyland over 125 times and Disneyworld over 12 times! Disney is her specialty but she can help you with any of your travel needs!


Marketing Director and Office Assistant

Grace joined Sunrise Travel in June of 2013. She worked full time as an agent until September of 2016, and has since enrolled back in college to earn her nursing degree. She works part time on research projects, our newsletter and social media, and website maintenance. She's lived in Oregon her whole life but has traveled to Belize, France, Belgium, Oahu, Cuba (twice) and multiple areas of Mexico. She's also traveled a bit within the U.S.; Texas, Arizona, California and Washington. She enjoys playing with her dog Prix, remodeling and DIY projects, watching movies and is currently building a home in Cottage Grove, Oregon with her domestic partner.


Research Assistant

Jill started as a full time agent in August of 1996. Over the years she moved to part time and became Shirley's research assistant. She continues to enjoy travel and has been to many U.S. states. She's cruised Alaska's Inside Passage, traveled to Maui, Kauai, Oahu, France, Italy, the Dominican Republic and multiple areas of Mexico. In addition to traveling, Jill enjoys gardening, spending time with her husband, visiting with family here in Oregon and in Minnesota and taking care of her beloved beagles!


Office Accountant

Lynne's career as a travel agency accountant started in 1979 at Ambassador Travel in Eugene. After several attempts at retiring, she ended up back in the same field in 2013, but this time at Sunrise Travel. It's a perfect fit! Working part time leaves plenty of time for her passion, gardening. She also enjoys collecting antiques, refinishing old furniture, escaping to warm tropical places with her husband, Ron, and enjoying time with her daughter & granddaughter. She's lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, and has traveled to Australia, Hawaii, Mexico (multiple times), cruised the Caribbean and Alaska, and has been to almost every state in the U.S. 

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